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Bloom Care

Want to keep your forever blooms looking their best?

See below our top tips to keep them looking ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS


Tip 1. Avoid direct sunlight - as direct light causes colour variation and fading.

Tip 2. Avoid light places - such as a window as this may cause the colours to fade.

Tip 3. Keep your blooms in a cool, dry spot in your home, office or retail space - as humidity may cause discolouration. We don't recommend keeping them in bathrooms where showering and bathing occurs as this may cause mould, discolouration and premature ageing of florals.

Tip 4. Keep them away from the direct blast line of heaters and air-conditioners - as this may cause them to dry further and shed.

Tip 5. No water - they are already dead!

Tip 6. Lightly dust your forever blooms every few weeks with a small feather
duster or make-up brush to avoid that yucky build up of dust over time.

Tip 7. Pampas!!! - If you feel as though the pampas in your arrangement is shedding too much for you liking, lightly spray is with hairspray. It will work wonders.

Tip 8. And the most important of them all! You must love them unconditionally!

If you are ever unsure of an environment for your blooms or just have a
question regarding care, feel free to email us at