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Our Story

I am Courtney, the boss lady behind Tallulah & Zane.

This business T&Z is now my baby and it came from a place of wanting to be able create big, bright, colourful beautiful things. I have always been creative, studying arts, writing and a background in visual merchandising.

I love experimenting with different colours (lots of colour), textures and details.
I love creating styles that turn heads, get spoken about and make a statement in any space (WOW FACTOR). I wanted to be able to give my customers something that they adore just as much as me.

This journey has ignited inspiration and passion for the work I am doing. Creating you all these pieces is so fulfilling, and each individual design has been created with so much love.

During the first COVID-19 lockdown (June 2020) Tallulah and Zane was born, creating Forever Blooms for you, your homes, businesses and events.
As of October 21, we have entered in the space of homewares, lifestyle products and gifting.

I am also so grateful to be working with some incredible brands and small businesses whose stories resonate with our own story here at T&Z.
Thank you all for coming on this journey with me.

Much love,
Courtney (AKA The Queen of Colour) xxx