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Welcome to the Eunoia Zodiac Collection. 

These prints are a celebration of each sign of the zodiac & a chance to dive deeper into the role of our sun, moon & rising signs in our lives.

Libra Text:

Dates - September 23 - October 22

Symbol - Scales

Element - Air

Like the scales that represent their Zodiac, Libra's seek balance, justice and harmony in every aspect of their lives. They thrive on order, are the peace-keepers and the purveyors of comprise. A Libra makes a fair leader, ensuring each person is heard and respected. Libra's love to be around people and welcome new environments and adventures. They are ever the optimist.

'I seek to be inspired and energised by life. I welcome new lessons and new experiences into my life. I crave balance and seek to ensure that every voice is heard. I am harmonious. I am open. I am Libra.'

Printed on 310gsm smooth fine art paper. A4. Comes unframed. 

Illustration by Constanza Goeppinger. Words by Eunoia Soul Rituals. 

Frame not included. This print comes in a clear sleeve with a cardboard backing for easy display.