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Welcome to the Eunoia Zodiac Collection. 

These prints are a celebration of each sign of the zodiac & a chance to dive deeper into the role of our sun, moon & rising signs in our lives.

Taurus text:

April 20 - May 20

Zodiac Symbol - The Bull

Element - Earth

A Taurus is dependable, trustworthy and ambitious. Lovers of pleasure, beauty and comfort, a Taurus can create a sanctuary out of any space. As an Earth sign, a Taurus moves slowly and with intention and encourages all those who encounter them to soak up all the richness life has to offer. 

'I value my grounded, dependable energy. I create a safe space for me to feel my truest self. I find serenity wherever I go. I am steadfast. I am patient. I am Taurus

Printed on 310gsm smooth fine art paper. A4. 

Illustration by Constanza Goeppinger. Words by Eunoia Soul Rituals. 

Frame not included. This print comes in a clear sleeve with a cardboard backing for easy display.